The Monorail Project - part 2
August - October 2010

After a short inter-regnum while we attended to less important events like Gala Weekend, the Monorail project was finally completed in early October.

At the bottom end of the line by Redcar Sidings, the monorail was laid into a newly dug trench, parallel to one of the tracks off the turntable, which was deep enough to allow material in a railway v-skip to be tipped directly into the monorail skip.

The tipping arrangement is demonstrated. That took a lot of digging - much of it was solid chalk.
(What do you expect in a chalk pit?)

Tony Watton, John Martin and Geoff Boote do what we do best - that is, pose for the camera!

The skip sets off on the first test run to check clearances and to ensure that there are no more trees in the way.

On leaving the loading area, the line takes a sharp turn to the left.

Approaching the shed - no problems so far. Having laid out the track (see page 1) we took it all up again and, after removing a couple of old trees, relaid it in a straighter line.

Opposite Brockham Station the monorail breaks out through the fence and runs parallel to the roadway and the skip stops automatically by the sign post. John checks that there are no visitors standing on the track ....

.... before pushing the controls into gear to set everyting in motion back to Redcar Sidings.

The line was demonstrated at Industrial Trains Day in October. Harry Elliott explains the workings to several interested visitors.

Technical details. Read. Mark. Learn. And inwardly digest. (That's what my English master always used to say anyway!)

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