Barbouilleur Bows Out
Decauville 1126/47 out of service after Railway Weekend

There comes a time in every loco's life when the boiler inspector says that enough is enough and. sadly, this time it was Barbouilleur's turn. Peter Smith's 0-4-0WT, for so long the mainstay of our passenger service at Amberley, has gasped (?) its last hiss of steam for the foreseeable future following the expiry of the boiler certificate the week after Gala Weekend.

The loco will now be placed on static exhibit in the Exhibition Hall until time and other resources allow for the boiler to be checked, and any necessary repairs to be carried out so that it can steam again.

Here are the last photos ......

Barbouilleur in Brockham Station with our three bogie coaches during the 2007 Gala Weekend.

Barbouilleur approaches Cragside on the as yet unopened extension with a staff training working.

Entering the station at Cragside.

Ditto - Oh OK then - we posed it - who cares?

Barbouilleur with the restored Brighton Corporation tram shelter. You won't see 1126 here again for a while.

So for the time being it's au revoir Barbouilleur - à bientôt! (Yep we do french as well!!)

© Gerry Cork & Amberley Working Museum - September 2007
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