Cliffside line extended
Winter 2008

Storage containers now on-line!

The siding up the far side of the pit has now been extended so that we can get materials to and from our storage containers.

The farthest extent of the siding is now opposite the running shed but at a higher level.
The area between the siding and the bank will be infilled for a further siding in due course.

To gain the necessary height to the contaners, the line splits with a second siding keeping close under the cliff.

The chalk dug from Brockham Station was used to build up the shelf on which the track has been laid.

The blue BEV takes the empty skips away.

There's always one poseur isn't there?

The final section was laid on a built-up embankment to keep it level.

One of the side effects of this is the resultant ease of access to the door of the container.

The end of the siding is protected using an old sleeper buried in the ground.

Notice how much higher than the other line this siding is. OK, the edges are a bit untidy.

View from the opposite direction as the finishing touches are completed.

Gerry Cork & Amberley Working Museum - February 2008
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