The Diamond - how we did it
April 2007

The diamond crossing was the final part of the new main line to be installed - mainly because we had to maintain access to the line from the industrial railway to avoid conflicting with the passenger service at Brockham.

The design was based on this metre gauge diamond at Murren in Switzerland.

Our work was set out on the "patio" outside the workshop. Here the supporting plates for the frogs are already in place on top of new sleepers (well new to us anyway).

It soon began to take shape with the positioning of stock rails and the Vs for the frogs.

Close up of the frog construction with wooden spacers for the flangeways.

Additional check rails are in place here

The completed crossing.

Low-level view along what would, after installation, become the passenger line.

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Gerry Cork & Amberley Working Museum - September 2007
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