Railway Extension Opening
Sunday 26 August 2007

The extension opened for passenger service on Sunday 26 August 2007.

The lengthened line takes our visitors around the eastern end of the Pit giving them a glimpse of parts of the Museum previously inaccessible to the public, including a good view of the new locomotive running shed and the rear of the loco workshop area.

The line terminates at a new station called Cragside. The name Cragside has been chosen as this was the name of the first house in the UK to have electric light installed for domestic use. This is thought to be appropriate as the new station is adjacent to the EdF Electrical Museum (formerly the Milne Collection). (It is also close to the BT Connected Earth exhibition, but naming the station Beattie doesn't have the same ring to it does it?!)

Above, Wendy arrives at Brockham with the first public train to Cragside.

Wendy hauls the first public train to Cragside up the gradient from Brockham ........

........ and crosses the industrial line connection to the tunnel.

The first train to arrive at Cragside coasts in to a stand.

Wendy runs round her train ready to depart with the first train from Cragside.

View from the back of the train as Wendy takes the curve around the east end of the Museum. Visitors have never seen this area of the Museum before.

The line on the left gives access to the locomotive running shed and the exhibition building.

After pausing at the STOP board, Wendy takes the first return working into Brockham.

Later on, Wendy coasts down the gradient past the workshops.

A gallery of photos showing the building of the extension is here.

Gerry Cork & Amberley Working Museum - September 2007
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