HE8969 enters service
October 2008

Hard work pays off

After a year of work by our engineers, the Yellow Peril as it has become known - Hunslet diesel hydraulic HE8969 has now entered service. A complete rebuild of the gear box has cured its reluctance to go backwards - see previous story in the 2007 archive. With our 60S Simplex currently laid-up, the Hunslet is a most welcome addition to our loco roster.

8969 climbs the gradient up from Brockham across the diamond bound for Cragside ......

...... then rounds the bend towards the loco shed.

UPDATE. Oh dear - I think I spoke too soon. Presumably in protest at having been made to work for its living, 8969 threw its toys out of the pram this weekend (on Industrial Trains day no less) and is again refusing to go backwards - a bit like Henry refusing to leave the tunnel I suppose!

Diagnosis is that the problem lies with the hydraulic pressure in the gearbox being too low and ways of curing this are currently being investigated.

Gerry Cork & Amberley Working Museum - October 2008
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