HUNSLET 8969 on trial

Sunday 26 August 2007

The other significant event today was the first real trial running of the "new" Hunslet loco 8969/1980, from the MOD at Bishopton, Scotland.

During the past week new windows were sourced and fitted almost before we realised it was happening.

Out on the Industrial line the loco is taken for a run. It's a bit bright but that's the colour it is so we have to live with it. It certainly makes a change from green.

Wendy and the Hunslet run parallel.

Our euphoria was short lived; a few hours later 8969 suddenly developed a gearbox fault and flatly refused to go in reverse. Forwards - as far as you like (well to the end of the rails) but backwards - forget it!

Currently 8969 has been returned to the workshop and fault finding initiated - which so far has meant that it has had to be completely dismantled.
Gutted? - you bet!!!

Gerry Cork & Amberley Working Museum - November 2007
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