Industrial Trains

23 May 2021

The Museum reopened to visitors on Wednesday 19 May following the relaxation of the Covid 19 Lockdown. The Railway volunteers were asked to get the season off to a good start with an Industrial Trains event on Sunday 23 May which, of course, we agreed to do.

We ran two passenger trains, including Polar Bear with the second, diesel, being entrusted to the Fowler Resilient, Peldon.

Did we enjoy ourselves? Yes

Did the public enjoy it? We got no complaints that I know of.

Will we do it again? Errrr ... yes of course we will.

Here're the photos.

The 60S Motor Rail 11001 waits for the single line to clear before setting off up the line.

MR11001 at the other end of the line at Cragside

Normally our mainstay on the passenger service, Hunslet diesel hydraulic had an easy day spending much of its time sitting in a siding waiting for duty to call.

Other locos that are not seen except on special events days were a lot busier. The Ransomes & Rapier climbs the bank past the workshop with the train of U-tubs about to cross the diamond.

The Groudle Glen train was on one passenger duty hauled, of course, by Polar Bear (WB1781/1905)

Peldon leaves Brockham for Cragside having attracted the attention of several photographers.

Later on, Peldon surrenders the single line token as it enters Amberley.

The Amberley Controller takes a break between trains. She has her yellow flag poised for action though!

Back at Brockham The Major (OK7741), its new coat of blue paint largely intact, brings the zorin v-skips into the station ready for another trip down the line. BEV WR5034 is included to provide the "brake van" for the uphill journey from Amberley.

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