Industrial Trains Day
19 October 2008

This year's final special event.

The Railway's final contribution to the Museum's programme of special events this year was Industrial trains Day on 19 October when we operated almost all our locomotives to entertain the vistors. Although not a busy day, the number of visitors almost certainly was greater than we would normally expect on a cold Autumn Sunday. However, the sun did shine on us, after a slightly damp start.

Latest addition to the collection is the final Thakeham Tiles loco to be found and brought to the Museum by Peter and James Smith. The loco is seen teamed up with Thakeham No.5 and the two Thakeham Tiles v-skips.

Peter Smith at the controls as the Thakeham Tiles train prepares to depart for Amberley.

Jenny the Schoma on the other skip train. Eight skips make a fine sight (and sound).

Much interest was created by the contractors' monorail system which we have at last repaired.
A short demonstration length was set up beside Brockham Station. John Martin prepares to send it on its way.

The business end - the petrol engine powers a hydraulic drive system which drives both ends of the vehicle.

The small skip body sits between the two power units.

The rear hydraulically driven power unit.

General view of the system. Note the construction of the track - the weight is taken on the top of the beams; balance and guidance is provided by horizontal wheels bearing on the sides of the beams.

The Schoma is seen again having returned from Amberley with the skip train.

The passenger service was provided all day by the two Hudson Hunlsets, MacLaren engined HE3097 - nearer to the camera - and "Blue Star" which has the more common Ailsa Craig unit. This feature of the day was much appreciated by the many industrial railway enthusiasts who came to the event.

The two Hudson Hunslets lay a smoke screen as they depart on yet another trip to Amberley.

Later in the day, HE3097 leads the passenger train into Brockham on a train from Cragside.

Steam fans were not forgotten - Wendy donned industrial disguise with her cab sheets fitted. She is here hauling the works train for which we managed to get 12 wagons.

There is a slide show of the October 2006 Industrials Day here.

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