Jenny the Schoma
October 2007

A loco type new to Amberley.

The latest acquisition for the collection arrived in October 2007. Schoma 5239/1991, type CHL-30G was initially used by Taylor Woodrow at their precast concrete facility at Greenford, Middlesex, during the construction of the Channel Tunnel. It was then purchased by Miller Civil Engineering at Rugby, Warwickshire, in 2000 but not used. It passed to Tunnel Steel, Swansea, in 2002 and used on some of their contracts, but spent most of its time at Alan Keef's works in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire until purchased by Amberley member, Chris Mann.

Chris starts her up - the first sound of a Schoma engine at Amberley.

Chris gently inches Jenny off the low-loader onto the temporary ramp - with James Pavey offering advice (maybe?!) Slowly does it ......

........ and settles on Amberley metals. Phew!

The controls are a little different from what we are used to - the large wheel is NOT the steering wheel but the hydraulic gearbox control - right for forwards, - left for backwards. The throttle is the lever on the right.

The sides lift off to reveal the engine. Nice and clean.

Jenny was soon on the front of the Lydd coaches for testing. Not being used in passenger service yet, here she is at Brockham.

And at Amberley. All seems to be OK.

Once air pipes had been fitted, Jenny soon joined the passenger loco fleet. Here one of our oldest volunteers (in terms of years of service that is!) receives driving tuition from one of the youngest - but then he does own it!

Jenny with the RAF Fauld bogie coach itself the subject of a major restoration job in the last couple of years.

This was the last day of the 2007 season and passenger traffic was - er - light. The weather wasn't so hot either. The train waits - in vain- for more travellers at Cragside.

Jenny in the run-round loop at Cragside - I do like these self-captioning pictures!

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