Peat Wagon Acquired
July 2008

Another so far unrepresented industry is now included in the
Amberley Working Museum Industrial Railway Collection.

When we heard that the Yaxham Light Railway in Norfolk had a surplus 2-foot gauge peat wagon up for disposal, we acted quickly - unusual for us! - and made contact. Last weekend, a pick-up was hired and John and Ann Martin set off to collect it.

Not the prettiest of items, but a crucial addition to the collection nonetheless. The only history we have so far is that it came from Northumbrian Peat Co Ltd, Wark Forest, Stonehaugh.

One of Yaxham's locos, a Ruston, pulls the wagon out of the siding ready for loading.

That ramp looks a bit precarious ......

...... but it did the job.

Ready to set off back to West Sussex.

Once back at Amberley, another ramp was quickly rigged - what would we do without our panels of Jubilee track?

A gentle run down with the assistance of the vital engrediant - gravity.

The Blue BEV is coupled up to move the wagon to the sidings.

A quick rub down and a few coats of paint will soon have the wagon in a fit state for exhibition.

Gerry Cork & Amberley Working Museum - February 2008
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