Today it snowed .......
6 April 2008

But we carried on!

It snowed today at Amberley - not just a little bit, but quite a bit more than that.

Undaunted the hardy volunteers on the Amberley Narrow Gauge Railway raised steam as usual, and kept their toes warm.

Warmest spot in the Museum? Polar Bear's cab!

Polar Bear and the Groudle Glen coaches (unheated, I'm afraid) await departure.

Early Christmas Card.

The first attempt to climb the bank out of Brockham failed ...... Polar Bear comes to a stand, the leading pony wheels having compacted the snow so that the driving wheels were trying to grip on solid ice. No, you're right, it doesn't work like that!

After a bit of manual clearence and some sand, the second attempt is successful.

Another Christmas card?

Passing behind the loco shed it's all downhill. The amount of snow on the railhead is evident here.

Arty-farty shot of the train in Cragside Station.

Polar Bear runs round at Amberley.

Gerry Cork & Amberley Working Museum - April 2008
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