Replica works and number plates to complete Townsend Hook's restoration

15 July 2017

John Townsend, one of the original group of enthusiasts who rescued Townsend Hook in the 1950s, has donated replica brass works and number plates for the loco.

He visited the Museum on Saturday 15 July to present the plates. John Robbins, Chairman of Trustees, Mike Bone, representing the volunteer team who did the work, and John Stanton, Joint Head of the RailGroup, were on hand to accept them on the Museum's behalf.

In preparation for the ceremony, Mike Bone gives the footplate a final buff-up with a new piece of polishing rag.

Left to right: John Stanton, John Townsend, John Robbins and Mike Bone. All those Johns, it's so confusing!

John Townsend with one of the replica works plates, faithfully recreating the originals which were lost in the 1950s. They are believed to have been sold by person or persons unknown. If anyone knows where they are and would like to donate them back to the Museum, we will be glad to hear from you. Put a cross in the "no publicity" box if you wish! No questions asked.

John Stanton joins in with the loco number plate.

Chairman of Trustees John Robbins with John Townsend (who, apart from his surname, otherwise has no connection with the name of the locomotive) show off the new plates with the old ones (which are actually made of plywood and are therefore not nearly as shiny) still on the tankside.

All photos by Pete Edgeler.

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