Final Thakeham loco arrives
September 2008

Thakeham Tiles home-built petrol loco No. 4 moved from storage at a private site near Loughborough (‘Simon Lomax and friends, Leicestershire’) where it has been located since the dispersal of the Cadeby collection, and has moved south to Amberley Working Museum, West Sussex, on 15/09/2008 and was put to good use shunting straight after off-loading. This brings all four extant Thakeham Tiles locos back together at one site and indeed in West Sussex, just a few miles from where they were built (in the case of No. 4 and No. 5 the two home-built machines) and operated. Those already located at Amberley are HE2208/41 (derelict awaiting restoration), HE3653/48 (recently overhauled and now back in use) and Thakeham Tiles No.5 4wPM (operational).

Further pictures of the loco can be found here.

© Gerry Cork & Amberley Working Museum - October 2008
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