Hove Ticket Office Restored

Winter 2006

A new addition to our buildings this season has been the erection and opening of the relocated ticket office which formerly stood on the north side of Hove Station. The Southern Railway company wanted to move the building as it was in the way of works they required to complete at Hove. The ticket office is Grade II listed so it was important to keep it in as near original condition as possible. After offering it to another preserved railway in East Sussex (no names, no pack-drill!) who wanted to make what were considered to be inappropriate modifications to it, the building was offered to Amberley.

The building was dismantled and stored for a while. Pictures of the demolition can be found here.

Commencing after the Christmas shinnanigans (a.k.a. Santa Fundays) the building was reconstructed on the site formerly occupied by the Brighton Corporation tram shelter which has been relocated to the new station (see separate story about the construction of Cragside Station).

Pictures of the reconstruction are here.

Gerry Cork & Amberley Working Museum - September 2006
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